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The evening we left Petra....

I have often watched Brian make his speciality coffees, flambe, and I wanted to get a video of him doing it.

Since I have not drunk alcohol for a while, I had been asking people to help me by having a coffee.

Eventually, Barbara & Charlie agreed to my buying them one of these coffees.

Brain started doing his thing & I started filming.

He had only just started when my camera ran out of memory, or battery - so I went to my cabin to fix it.

While I was away, Brian had continued pouring his drink and setting it on fire.

It was not too long before ships officers appeared. The flame had set the fire alarm off in their quarters & they were investigating.

I still did not have my video so Brian starts again..

He got to the bit where he sets light to it & Barbara wanted him to get closer to the ceiling & set the alarm off again.

He declined..don’t know why.

The music in the background is played by the Adagio strings. Looking very elegant tonight.

Just about every night of the cruise I listened to them play to an audience of maybe eight. Some times only one - me.

On those occasions I would ask them to play something else, something they liked, something Philipino.
They would start but as soon as anyone else sat down, they would flip straight back to their program.

There was one Beatles number in their repertoire. I like the Beatles & asked if they knew any others, but no, just the one.

About two weeks later I was in the lounge as per, & they played the Beatles number - And followed it with about eight or nine more,

In one of their trips ashore, they looked for some Beatles sheet music, transcribed it for strings, so they could play it

Just for me.

Very Special girls.

Thank you & Brian too.

& Barbara & Charlie - who you might have heard in the background.

I guess Barbara was a little squiffy after 2 of those coffees.


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